Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Rainbow Living, 07/04/1987 – 05/09/2004

Sadness all around. Rainbow Living has purchased a one-way aisle seat on flight 477 to that wondrous Cat Wonderland in the sky. Rainbow Living died when he wandered into the old Klondike Tower in West Wendover, Nevada just as the building was being imploded to make way for the new and improved Jack Lancee Tower Casino and Lounge. It’s not the first time one of my cats has been killed wandering into a soon to be demolished casino, but it certainly is the saddest time.

Rainbow Living was the first and only offspring of one of my 13 original cats, Jug Bando Aurilia. Rainbow Living lived on in the grand tradition of Jug Bando despite being one of only seven known hermaphroditic cats on the North American continent. He/she didn’t let the affliction affect him/her in any way, shape or form.

Rainbow Living will always be remembered for his/her meowing on my 1988 album “Where Have All the Cats Gone?” Without his/her beloved cat calls, the album would have been a complete failure. In fact I even received a letter from my estranged, and incarcerated ex-tambourine player Fang after its release. As the letter was written in ancient Aramaic, I have no idea what it means, but after seeing “The Passion of the Christ” I have some idea. Regardless, as Topo Quo Paralack used to say “Never think, only mean!”

I will be having a funeral for Rainbow Living tomorrow at People’s Hill in my adopted hometown of Springtime, Nevada. Services will begin at 5:00 AM. I’ve arranged for Overheid-gecontroleerde Radio van Holland to have a special presentation of the following songs that Rainbow Living meowed on:

• The Amalgamated Circumstances
• Where Have All the Cats Gone?
• Ik Houd Van U Houd Van Een Vis Houd Van Andere Vissen
• Spectacular Journey To Cat Wonderland
• Feelings, A Tone Poem

Rest in Peace my furry friend. I’ll make sure to leave bowl of goat milk out for you.

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