Thursday, August 19, 2004

Cubs sign Neifi Perez to minor league deal

Tom Goodwin and Ramon Martinez already on the roster, Dusty Baker continues his epic voyage to corner the market on week-hitting former San Francisco Giants' infielders. One of my baseball sources imbedded deep within the front office of a club I cannot name (for fear of defenestration) has verified that Baker is also trying to coax Jose Uribe, Johnnie LeMaster and Mike Aldrete out of retirement. The ultimate Dusty Baker lineup will look like this:

Starting Lineup
1. Tom Goodwin, CF
2. Jose Uribe, SS
3. Mike Aldrete, 1B
4. Glenallen Hill, RF
5. Rob Deer, LF
6. Kirt Manwaring, C
7. Ramon Martinez, 3B
8. Neifi Perez, 2B

Bench: Brian Johnson, Todd Benzinger, Dave Martinez, Mark Carreon, J.R. Phillips, Steve Scarsone, Doug Mirabelli, Marvin Benard, Russ Davis

Starting Rotation
1. Shawn Estes
2.William Van Landingham
(note: Dusty Baker likes his starters to pitch on one day's rest)

Long Relief: Mark Gardner
Bullpen: Salomon Torres, Pat Rapp, Julian Tavarez, Doug Creek
Closer: Shooter

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