Wednesday, August 25, 2004

First Time for Israeli Anthem at Olympics

In response to Israel's first gold medal, the United Nations will be convening tomorrow to declare immediate sanctions against the IOC and Israel. The World Court has also announced that it will be charging the Israeli Government with "Conspiracy and Attempted Genocide."

The World Court stated that Israel unequivocally hatched a plot involving the United States, George W. Bush, NBC, Halliburton, Phillip Morris, Coca-Cola and The Swift Boat Veterans. A World Court spokesman said that they have "overwhelming" evidence that Israel bought off the aforementioned organizations as part of a plot to gain support for their Apartheid Wall through the West Bank. It is a self-evident fact that the Apartheid Wall is being built to slaughter and kill Palestinians. No discussion on this point can reasonably be made.

Israel bought the Gold Medal at the Olympics so that NBC would broadcast a positive story on the perfidious Zionists. The medal-winner, Gal Fridman, was merely a pawn in the complex operation. Israel prepared their propaganda disguised as a "feel-good story" for NBC complete with "multiple subliminal messages, off-speed backward masking, and overt imperialistic psychological symbolism" so that the ignorant citizens of the United States would be tricked into looking positively upon the Zionists and not question their continued construction of the evil, blood-soaked wall.

Nelson Mandella immediately spoke to the people of South Africa and the World declaring that the "selection" of Israel as the gold medalist in windsurfing is the "greatest tragedy mankind has ever witnessed." He continued by boldly stating, "the confiscation of Israel's fraudulent medal is no longer just an issue of sports, but a civil rights issue."

Mandella continued by calling on United States President George W. Bush to demand that Israel's selected medal be removed and "their name's stricken from the record books in perpetuity until the end of time."

He also stated that Bush should denounce the IOC, NBC, and the other organizations for their actions and "resign immediately" for his part in these "shameful, shameful events."

Mandella closed his speech by flatly saying, "You are wanted in the Hague, Herr Bush."

President Bush has refused comment.

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