Thursday, September 23, 2004

The doomed defeatist

"If you look at the broader picture, the Democrats made a disastrous error in the years since 9/11. One reason they’ve been in decline for a decade is that, on all kinds of matters, they’re in thrall to unrepresentative interest groups — to the radical feminist lobby on abortion, to the teachers’ unions on education, to the Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton ethnic-grievancemongers on black issues. These groups effectively exercise a veto over any serious thinking on the relevant issue. Since the Afghan campaign, the party has allowed a new grouping — the Michael Moore crowd, MoveOn.org, the Hollywood Left — to swell into a veto on any serious thinking about war and national security. If you want the relationship distilled into a single image, fish out a picture of Michael Moore sitting next to Jimmy Carter in the Presidential box at the Democratic convention. A weak vacillating man at the head of a party deeply ambivalent about the war is not the kind of guy who’s going to be putting the screws on Musharraf or the Saudis."

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